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Conduit is all we do. 

Elite Polymer Solutions manufactures High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE), innerduct and conduit used to protect and encapsulate various wire and cables for the fiber optics, electrical, power, telecommunication and CATV markets.

Our products range from 1/2″ through 6″ in a variety of colors and striping options. We also offer options for pre-lubrication, pre-installed pull tape (or string) and CIC (cable pre-installed in the conduit).

Download SDR spec sheet   |   Download SIDR spec sheet

Elite Polymer Solutions | HDPE Conduit

HDPE Conduit

High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE), innerduct, and conduit built to protect and encapsulate wire and cables for the fiber optics, electrical, power, telecommunication and CATV markets.

HDPE Conduit Product Specs
  • Sizes ½” through 6” on reels or coils
  • Smooth wall or longitudinal ribbed duct empty, empty with a pre-installed member (tape or rope) are variations offered to meet the customer requirements
  • Tools and accessories
  • Various wall thicknesses to meet customer specifications in SDR 9, 11, 13.5 & 15.5
  • For identification, solid colors, stripes and co-extruded products are offered
  • Duct is sequentially marked
  • Full spec sheet here

Coming Soon! Microduct

Elite Polymer Solutions develops state-of-the-art microduct for high-tech communications needs in areas and networks where maximum power is required in confined or internal spaces.

Microduct Product Specs

Ideal for large, multi-tenant buildings or growing corporations, Elite Polymer’s microduct HDPE utilizes very little space while simultaneously creating space for expansion of your network and connectivity as future needs require. 

Elite Polymer also provides a range of different sizes of microduct for use within new or existing conduit (CIC) installations, maximizing connectivity in the most minimum of spaces.

Elite Polymer Solutions | HDPE Conduit Accessories


Elite Polymer Solutions supplies a long list of conduit accessory items, making us your one-stop shop for all of your HDPE installation needs. Need something you don’t see below? Just ask us, we have it.

Accessories Details

Elite Polymer Solutions provides a wide range of HDPE and microduct accessories, including couplers for joining HDPE inner-duct and conduit in sizes 1″ to 6″, lubricants (cable installation chemicals) designed to match the weight and type of cable to be placed in the duct, duct-cutting tools, and more.

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