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Elite Polymer Solutions is the reliable supplier of HDPE conduit, based in Lovelady Texas.

America runs through us.


Elite Polymer Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of high density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit, specialty conduit, and accessories. Our nationally centralized location in Texas allows us to quickly and reliably supply to throughout the country. We understand that the wires, cables, and fiber optics that are buried underground or in floors and walls are vital to ensuring our country remains online and connected. Protecting those critical connections is all we think about. That’s why we manufacture and supply a line of products that meet a wide range of requirements and demands across a landscape of different markets. It’s also why we promise that our products offer the highest level of protection from the elements, as well as from heavy machinery, trenching, boring, and installation processes.

It isn’t just a tag line— we mean it literally when we say, “America runs through us.”


High Quality is Our Standard

We pride ourselves on our capability to manufacture and deliver the highest-quality product in the industry. Each one of our products is thoroughly tested, perfected, and inspected before leaving our facility. We carefully test all incoming raw materials as well, including HDPE resins and other raw components.

However, our products are not the only area where we strive for the highest quality. Our more treasured assets are our customers, and day-in and day-out our focus is to provide the highest level of quality service and customer care— not just in our industry, but in any industry. Meeting your expectations isn’t good enough for Elite Polymer Solutions— we prefer to exceed them.

We believe in regular internal feedback and ideas on how to always improve in these areas, and we urge you to provide us your feedback as well. We may not be perfect, but we’re sure going to aim to be.

Sustainability is Our Mission

Elite Polymer Solutions HDPE products are inherently beneficial for the environment due to their materials makeup. Our HDPE plastics are long-lasting and non-leaching. Unlike metal piping, our HDPE conduits are never going to rust or corrode. They’re flexible and provide an average life of 50 years, minimizing the risk of cracks and leaks common in metal pipes and lowering the lifecycle costs of lesser conduits. And our superior conduits and materials are highly resistant to the most extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Our manufacturing methods also have environmental benefits and we’re improving upon these each and every day. Unused or by-product raw materials are recycled and reintegrated into new product. We have the capability to produce conduit at lengths measured in the thousands of feet, which means less truck transports, less exhaust and fuel burned. Quicker installation also means fewer heavy machines needed, which equates to less fuel consumption and ground disruption.

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